Hi! I'm Laura.
I graduated from SAE Institute Australia with a Bachelor of Creative Media (Graphic Design) in 2014.
I started work in 2015 as a graphic designer for Australia-wide real estate marketing company, Digital Central. In 2016 I was promoted to design team leader. In 2017 we took on a team of overseas workers, and I created a training manual accompanied by a 10 day training course, and went to the Philippines to deliver it in person.
Later in 2017 I moved on to my second job, and am now working in billboard advertising for goa billboards. I create artwork for both digital and print media in this position, often designing work for Facebook and Instagram posts to accompany their outdoor media campaign.
I have been doing freelance design work since uni, mostly producing work for small businesses. This has ranged from flyers, to wedding invitations, to logo designs and more.
I am always keen to take on freelance work or to collaborate, so please contact me via the Contact page if you have a design project in mind!
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